Producing complex and insightful analysis of the critical illness market and transforming it into clear and comprehensive policy comparisons for UK financial advisers since 2011.


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Comparing is time-consuming and difficult. CIExpert takes your clients details, runs it through our award-winning algorithm based engine and provides both a quality index based ranking of the policies available, as well as a breakdown of the specific aspects that are driving these results for your client, personalised to their own details. Our aim is to provide you the tools to advise your client with confidence, comprehensive knowledge of the policy differences, saving you tons of time so you can focus on what matters: your business!

an unparalleled level of both scrutinising and personalised analysis

policy comparison can now be completed in a matter of minutes

peace of mind, that you've fully informed your client of the options available


CIExpert helps you work smarter and faster than ever before. So why not get started today?

We offer a one day free trial to get you started. Most advisers find they can readily see the value of the service and figure out the basics of how to use the software in well under an hour.


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