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Critical illness has over the last few years seen a constant flow of policy upgrades that whilst offering significant benefits, make the task of keeping up with these changes ever more challenging. Here at CIExpert we aim to keep you informed, providing an overview each time an update is released and providing our opinion on the changes. Sign up to our newsletter to receive these updates as soon as they're released.

13th May 2021

Alan Lakey: How useful are CIC claims statistics?

CIExpert director Alan Lakey explores what's in store for critical illness cover (CIC) this year.
12th January 2021

Critical illness: Seven areas to keep an eye on

CIExpert director Alan Lakey explores what's in store for critical illness cover (CIC) this year.
8th December 2020

CIExpert: Aviva launches DigiCare+ for individual protection

Alan Lakey reviews the benefits available through Aviva’s new suite of additional services.
4th December 2020
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A year focused on making things simpler for consumers and advisers

As with previous years 2020 has seen a number of significant changes in the critical illness world.
23rd November 2020

How CI insurers pay out for less advanced cancer of the prostate

As it's Movember, Alan Lakey investigates the types of treatment required for a claim. Prostate cancer is a disease of the older man.
20th October 2020
HSBC policy upgrade

HSBC makes substantial improvements to its critical illness plans

Changes elevate the HSBC Critical Illness Plus plan into the top echelon of quality, writes Alan Lakey.
19th October 2020
AIG Policy upgrade

CIExpert: AIG product design is ‘revolutionary’

Alan Lakey applauds critical illness plan which groups conditions into simple definitions.
15th October 2020

Protection tech titans iPipeline and CIExpert join forces

Online tool integrated into SolutionBuilder so advisers can compare critical illness policies.
11th December 2019

What do advisers want from a critical illness comparison tool?

Using the correct system can keep advisers out of trouble but the wrong one could result in complaints...
11th December 2019


Alan Lakey takes a look at the key changes to critical illness cover over the past 10 years.
19th November 2019
Vitality Policy upgrade

CIExpert on Vitality SIC changes

All changes are positive and serve to increase likelihood of a successful claim, says Alan Lakey.
21st October 2019
Guardian Policy upgrade

CIExpert on Guardian critical illness changes

Today's restructuring has enabled Guardian to reduce the cost whilst continuing to offer top-drawer cover.